The Breaking and Making of Ludmila Woodruff - A Rich in Real Life Takeover with Jessica HurleyDeeply Connected

The Breaking and Making of Ludmila Woodruff - A Rich in Real Life Takeover with Jessica Hurley

Ludmila has served as an expert relationship coach on Jessica Hurley’s podcast, Rich in Real Life, so many times that it’s long overdue for Ludmila to get a taste of the hot seat!

In this episode takeover, we get a very behind-the-scenes look at the real Ludmila Woodruff - why she does what she does, who she was before life coach, and the things that really matter to her. From the culture shock of leaving Poland to hitting rock bottom to meeting the child version of herself in her own children, tune in for a rare glimpse of your host and her journey to becoming deeply connected.


  • Who was Ludmila before life coach?
  • The defining moment in Ludmila’s life
  • Motherhood makes and breaks you
  • How Ludmila found coaching through her marriage
  • You can’t skip the process - healing takes TIME!
  • “Pain transforms you if you allow it.”


“It was a very defining moment for me. I realized it's me. I'm creating those relationships. I'm allowing myself to be that woman that just chases man and then settles.” - Ludmila Woodruff

“How do I allow myself to break and choose that this isn't working? And I have the power to change it. But I have to first accept that it's not okay. And it's not where I want to be.” - Jessica Hurley

“I've learned the more you resist something, the more it just keeps coming up for you. It's an invitation.” - Ludmila Woodruff


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I had the pleasure to see her at a woman’s event and she changed my life with one speech. I’ll forever hold her words deep in my heart and remember her lessons and teachings to us. I can’t wait to physically start working with her here in Tampa, Fl. I’ve seen people I know whole life transformed after working with her and this podcast is life changing.

Deeply Connected

Where do I even begin? Ludmilla and I paths initially crossed for me to learn how to stop being a people pleaser, set boundaries and learn to graciously receive. Little did I know what a profound impact she would have on my life. We have now been working together for over 6 months on healing my past traumas, discovering my triggers, regulating my nervous system, learning healthy conflict, learning how to communicate my wants & feelings with my husband without exploding or avoidant tendencies and so so much more. My relationships with family and friends have all improved. Ludmilla is such a breath of fresh air and wealth of knowledge. I genuinely look forward to our weekly meetings and discover more about myself each time. She has broken down walls I didn’t even realize were built and is helping me become the wife, mother, friend and business owner that I have always envisioned. Her podcast is a gift to us all 💖

Princess Mugzy
Deeply Connected

As a mental health professional, attachment theory is not a new concept for me. Ludmila’s approach to outlining how attachment impacts our view of self and relationships was thoughtfully articulated. Her ability to connect with the listener and share valuable insights demonstrates her strong skillset as a coach and mentor.

Erika Swanson
Deeply Connected

SOO much knowledge shared for free! Thank you for making this available to us. Keep those episodes coming!! 🔥🔥🔥

Deeply Connected
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