The 4 Key Relationships You Need AND How to Identify Mentors and Sponsors in the WorkplaceYour Next Move

The 4 Key Relationships You Need AND How to Identify Mentors and Sponsors in the Workplace

Who is going to bring your paper into the room? Who can you go your whole career with and without? Who is going to help you level up to that next role?

Kimberly answers these questions and more in this episode about one of the most requested topics she receives from her audience, how to identify and develop key relationships in your career. Tune in as she guides you to analyze the people in your workplace and start building authentic relationships to get you to that next level.


  • Why you need peers in and out of your company
  • The importance of coaches and teachers
  • Who is a mentor?
  • What differentiates a sponsor from a mentor?
  • How to strategically start building relationships


“Most people know who mentors are, but I explain it as that person who's been there, done that. They have literally been in your shoes before, so they can help you in that situation.”

“These are the professionals who can take you from where you are to where you rightfully belong. They literally have the power and influence to pull you up from where you are and put you in that next role.”

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Kimberly literally shares everything I only WISH I knew before working my way up the corporate ladder and transitioning into a job that I’d love (and one that paid me WELL). She touches on everything from pivoting in my career to salary negotiations - and what I appreciate most is that she speaks from a place of experience! She has RECEIPTS. I also love that the information is delivered in bite sized episodes - short enough for a quick listen, but long enough to make a lasting impact and providing actionable tips to implement. This podcast has my highest recommendation - especially for women of color looking to break through limiting beliefs, secure their dream position, and finally to get paid their worth.

Your Next Move

Kimberly gives excellent advice about how to reflect on where you’d like to go in your career and act strategically to grow with intention & integrity. Highly recommend not only this podcast for the great tips and interviews but also her book.

Your Next Move

Kimberly is a gem! Going to grab a copy of her book.

Your Next Move

I just listened to Episode 22, Being an Ambitious Woman with Tiffany Aliche and was so impressed. The time just flew by as I enjoyed the solid career advice Kimberly and Tiffany shared. Documenting your accomplishments was one of the ideas that I thought was especially good -- because if YOU don't know what you accomplished and what your big wins are, you cannot possibly expect others to remember. I look forward to tuning in again.

Your Next Move
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