Spirituality with Crystal | Part 1That's Wright

Spirituality with Crystal | Part 1


Now, this is by no means a Christian podcast, but your Wright girls sure love God!

In this episode, Crystal shares her journey with God, from losing faith to discovering Him without the church to walking in miracles every single day. And while she admittedly does not have all the answers, Crystal does have some of them because she has seen God work in her life time and time again.

So don’t miss this “real real” tell-all on refusing to step out of faith and trusting that “God’s gonna do what God’s gonna do.”


  • When Crystal lost and found God again
  • What inspired Crystal to become a lawyer?
  • Speaking in tongues - fact or fiction?
  • The power of fasting and prayer
  • “Whatever I give will be given to me.”


“I remember sitting in the shower crying like something's got to give. Because my life was nothing. I had nothing. And I wasn't looking for God. I wasn't in a position where I was saying, hey, God, come get me. But somebody was praying for me.”

“God is gonna do when you allow God to do it.”


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