Should I Apply to a Job If I Don’t Meet All the Qualifications?Your Next Move

Should I Apply to a Job If I Don’t Meet All the Qualifications?

Job descriptions are like a Christmas wish list, with the hiring manager itemizing every single skill, task, and experience they prefer a candidate to possess. So how can we show that we are qualified for a job when we don’t necessarily meet all of the expectations?

In this episode, adapted from a reader question Kimberly received on The Cut - New York Magazine, your host walks you through her interview prep tips so you can translate confidence into qualification in your next interview.

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  • How are you presenting yourself in interviews?
  • What is the gap between your current role and the one you desire?
  • Share stories that convey your qualifications
  • Utilizing the STAR answer format
  • “No one can sell you in the way that you can sell you!”


“Interviewing is all storytelling. Every story you pick should align you to the job that you're applying for. So take some time to curate the success stories that showcase you winning.”

“You stating the facts about all that you accomplished is not egotistical or cocky. It's your job to make sure this hiring leader and the whole team understand the great work you've done. And you've got to be shameless about it.”


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Loving this podcast. The information Kimberly is sharing is invaluable! A must listen if you feel stuck, “lost”, or misguided in your career life. These are great takeaways that can even be applied outside of your work life to be honest. Looking forward to more.

Your Next Move

I just listened to Episode 22, Being an Ambitious Woman with Tiffany Aliche and was so impressed. The time just flew by as I enjoyed the solid career advice Kimberly and Tiffany shared. Documenting your accomplishments was one of the ideas that I thought was especially good -- because if YOU don't know what you accomplished and what your big wins are, you cannot possibly expect others to remember. I look forward to tuning in again.

Your Next Move

Kimberly shares her honest opinions and best advice on managing your career. Her delivery is direct, concise and easy to follow. Loved her episode with Ariel and their thoughts on burnout. A must listen!

Your Next Move

This podcast came right on time! My fiancé attended a conference & met Kimberly. He immediately told me about her book and her story & I was hooked. I really feel like listening to this podcast and reading her book will truly propel me and many into the next career move. Often times I find podcast that speak solely to quitting your job, but what about us that really enjoy what we do and just want to elevate? Kimberly did THAT! & I’m appreciative.This isn’t a podcast that you listen to in the background, GRAB YOUR PEN & PAPER! 🙌🏾

Your Next Move
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