Scaling Businesses and Prioritizing Work-Life Balance with Tatiana O'HaraHard Costs

Scaling Businesses and Prioritizing Work-Life Balance with Tatiana O'Hara

Welcome back to Hard Costs!

In this episode, your host Katy welcomes Tatiana O'Hara, a team and leadership development consultant. Sharing insights from their entrepreneurial journeys, they delve into scaling businesses while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Their discussion also highlights strategies for optimizing teams, taking calculated risks, and prioritizing energy and mindset.

Both also emphasize setting and achieving big goals, empowering leadership transitions, and fostering a culture of collaboration and growth. You’ll learn more as they debunk the challenges of scaling a business while ensuring financial sustainability, including the crucial role of identifying the right roles to hire for and gradually phasing in new team members.

Are you an overwhelmed business owner? Don’t miss this episode as Tatiana and Katy also underscore the significance of keeping finances in mind and avoiding overcommitting when expanding a team.

Tune in today!


  • Setting goals and overcoming the fear of risk
  • Empowering others to set big goals and take action
  • How Tatiana helps leaders optimize and build their teams
  • Balancing between risk and strategy in business growth
  • Tatiana’s entrepreneurial journey from childhood to corporate leader
  • Transitioning to a new season of life and business goals for 2024
  • Reflecting on personal growth and business evolution
  • Risk-taking and strategies in business
  • The importance of inner work to CEOs
  • Prioritizing energy and mindset


“I think a lot of the fear around risk, whether you're risk-averse or you take too much risk, is really minimized because, for the first time, we have a big picture strategy that's helping us get somewhere."  — Tatiana O'Hara

"I'm exactly where I need to be. I am doing what I need to do. I'm really giving myself and my family and my community the right energy and mindset." — Katy Widrick

“Instead of looking at this previous chapter as the end goal and where I should have stayed, it's just like a point on the journey now, you know, and I can take those lessons that I learned to help support me in the future, but we just keep moving. Forward motion.” — Tatiana O'Hara


Tatiana O'Hara

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