Celebrating a Life of Defiance, Resilience, and Wanderlust with Sales Strategist Kandis JamesHard Costs

Celebrating a Life of Defiance, Resilience, and Wanderlust with Sales Strategist Kandis James

Welcome back to Hard Costs! In today’s episode, your host Katy is joined by Kandis James, a resilient entrepreneur and sales advisor. From surviving accidents to navigating the challenges of entrepreneurship, Kandis shares with us her remarkable journey and the profound lessons she's learned along the way.

In this candid conversation, Kandis opens up to Katy about the impact of her near-death experiences on her outlook, emphasizing the importance of resilience and embracing life's opportunities. She then discusses how these incidents have shaped her commitment to helping others, providing valuable insights into sales psychology, and empowering many business owners to thrive.

Delve into Kandis’ story as she seamlessly connects her personal experiences with her role as a sales advisor. Discover the trifecta of skills she believes are crucial in sales – mastering energy, cultivating curiosity, and asking the right questions. Kandis also highlights the shift in mindset needed for successful sales conversations, emphasizing the power of putting the client on the stage rather than being in the spotlight. As Katy and Kandis navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship, you will gain a deeper understanding of the mindset required for effective sales, and learn how to overcome challenges by focusing on belief in oneself and the value one brings to the table.

Join Katy and Kandis for a conversation that goes beyond sales – an exploration of resilience, personal growth, and the continuous pursuit of making a positive impact in the world.

Trigger Warning: This episode delves into sensitive topics related to near-death experiences.


  • Kandis’ journey of resilience and the impact of near-death experiences on her outlook
  • The pivotal role of trifecta of skills crucial for successful sales
  • Katy and Kandis’ shared experiences in the Elevate Community and the power of connection
  • The importance of overcoming challenges in entrepreneurship and sales by embracing belief in oneself and the value offered
  • How near-death experiences intersect with personal and professional growth
  • Ways to overcome entrepreneurial challenges by self-belief and embracing the value you offer


"To be really good at sales, you need to be the master of your own energy, be curious, [and] ask the right questions. Sales is psychology; you need to be curious about the psychology." – Kandis James

“I've three near-death experiences. And I'm still going. We're here for a short time, we're not guaranteed. I just want to see it all, feel it all, and do it all.” — Kandis James


Kandis James

Website | kandisjames

IG | @kandisjames.kj

YouTube | Kandis James

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