Resistance From the Right: Conservatives and The Campus Wars in Modern America with Dr. Lauren Lassabe ShepherdIn The Margins

Resistance From the Right: Conservatives and The Campus Wars in Modern America with Dr. Lauren Lassabe Shepherd

Meet Dr. Lauren Lassabe Shepherd, an instructor in the College of Liberal Arts, Education, and Human Development at the University of New Orleans and an IUPUI-Society for U.S. Intellectual History Community Scholar, who was recognized as a leading woman by Diverse: Issues In Higher Education for her outstanding contributions in 2024.

In this episode, Diverse host Dr. Jamal Watson engages in a thought-provoking conversation with Shepherd, author of Resistance from the Right: Conservatives and the Campus Wars. The discussion highlights the dominance of progressivism on American college campuses during the late 1960s and early 1970s.

Tune in as Watson and Shepherd discuss the deeper themes behind campus politics, the leadership challenges in academic settings, and the misconceptions surrounding university culture. Shepherd offers valuable insights into the ongoing debates and dynamics shaping higher education.


  • The history of conservative activism on college campuses
  • Lack of representation of progressive activism on campuses during 1950s and 1960s
  • Dealing with campus protests and the history of far-right activism
  • Conservative critiques of higher education in history
  • Impact of political pressures on academic freedom
  • The pivotal role of campus activism and free speech in higher education


“Cancel culture is just rampant. If we compare the current state of our campuses to the state of our campuses during the Vietnam War and the three years that I write about in the book, we're in a much calmer climate than we were back then.” — Dr. Lauren Lassabe Shepherd


Lauren Lassabe Shepherd, PhD


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Closed captioning and a live show transcription are available in the video for this episode.

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I like that the episodes aren’t too long but are still very informative

GMU 2009
In The Margins

Such an amazing platform. So many milestones have been made and so many more to come.

Abigail Santiago
In The Margins

Such a great approach on the different perspectives surrounding diversity and how it affects all communities! Enjoying each episode!

In The Margins

What an amazing podcast! I’ve received so much value from these conversations and experiences. This podcast is shedding light on some very important topics, especially in todays climate. I have been loving every moment! Diverse In The Margins is most definitely worth the listen!

Hannah Momtana
In The Margins

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