Regulating Our Nervous System and Responses in RelationshipsDeeply Connected

Regulating Our Nervous System and Responses in Relationships

Take a deep breath. How does your body feel? Now if you are saying to yourself, I don’t have time for this, this does not bring me income, or you believe you just need to think in more positive ways…this episode is for you!

While we often talk about mindset, in this episode, Ludmila does not want you to forget the importance of understanding your body and nervous system, especially in how it responds to triggers in your relationships. So how do you attend to your emotions? How do you deal with them? How can you regulate yourself more to be a safe space not only for yourself but for others?

Tune in, start understanding your body’s responses and work with your nervous system rather than against it with Ludmila today!


  • Our nervous system and its responses
  • Fight, flight, appease, and freeze
  • What actually happens when we get activated/triggered?
  • How to navigate feeling dysregulated
  • Practice! Change takes time
  • Rewiring our nervous system to have a wider window of tolerance


“We keep blaming other people. We want them to change. They need to make us feel better. So we find ourselves very controlling because we don't know how to control our emotions. We feel out of control inside. So we try to control everything outside of us.”

“When you navigate conflict you need to start creating different experiences that will create different emotions. So we're really rewiring your brain and your nervous system.”

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I’ve had the pleasure of being present in zooms with Ludmila and she has a vast knowledge on how to really dig deep into whatever issue you’re having. This podcast is a great extension to be able to get to know her better and have her share her knowledge. All episodes are a must to listen to! She is an amazing individual!

Deeply Connected

As a Myofascial Release Therapist, I’ve known there’s always more to the mental, energy aspect of things.I coached with Ludmila for 3 months and can’t recommend her enough.She has helped me grow my personal and my business life!I’m so excited she started these podcasts! She’s got such wonderful information!

AllStar MFR
Deeply Connected

I had the pleasure to see her at a woman’s event and she changed my life with one speech. I’ll forever hold her words deep in my heart and remember her lessons and teachings to us. I can’t wait to physically start working with her here in Tampa, Fl. I’ve seen people I know whole life transformed after working with her and this podcast is life changing.

Deeply Connected

Ludmila just has a natural way of speaking to the soul! I’m always so baffled by how much I resonate with what she talks about. Would definitely recommend!!

Deeply Connected
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