Prayer and Preparation with Impact Entrepreneur Carrie CookRoad To Reinvention

Prayer and Preparation with Impact Entrepreneur Carrie Cook

As an experienced impact entrepreneur and idea junkie, Carrie Cook has spent years building and funding results-driven ventures. She is the Founder of Empowerment, Inc. – a nonprofit organization empowering girls and women to lead, and the Founding Executive Director of Greenlight Fund Charlotte - a national venture philanthropy organization scaling innovative social impact solutions.

Along with her work closing the racial wealth gap, teaching women of color how to create generational wealth, and creating opportunities for underexposed and under-resourced communities, tune in as Carrie shares her journey to entrepreneurship. And how she overcame toxic work cultures, health scares, and became an everyday millionaire by staying focused, prayed up, and prepared.


  • Balancing family, entrepreneurship, and working full-time
  • Overcoming obstacles that could potentially derail you
  • The power of resilience and gratitude
  • Empowerment through mentorship and leadership
  • What is the core differentiator in building professional relationships?
  • How to become an “everyday millionaire”


“Understanding how to not only seize an opportunity but to create an opportunity - I think that's the big thing for me. How do we create opportunities for people who look like us?”

“You have a responsibility to make sure the girls behind you have even greater access and exposure.”


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Sherrelle is an absolute visionary with so much to give. If you’re not subscribed to this podcast, you’re missing out!- Lauren ChanteHost of Rock Your Wellness with Lauren Chante

Lauren Saglimbene
Road To Reinvention

As we remove the disguises our true desires hide behind and embrace them at face value — there’s a calling for reinvention. Perfect podcast for people who love to continually reimagine themselves to achieve their highest version of self. Rae’Mah🦕

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Road To Reinvention
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