Practicing Grace to Dismantle Perfectionismhuman2human

Practicing Grace to Dismantle Perfectionism

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Join Stacy for this impromptu recording as she reflects on her journey as a recovering perfectionist.

Recognizing how deep her perfectionism truly runs, listen in as Stacy speaks through a difficult moment of realization, asking herself how she can start genuinely allowing enough space in her life for the human part of her.

Tune in and don’t miss this raw episode on Stacy’s path to the best version of herself, without perfection.


  • What is support gluttony?
  • Are you allowing enough space for the human part of you?
  • “Perfectionism does not hold our highest selves.”


“I'm just trying to learn the difference between doing good work and trying to be perfect.”

“I'm just sitting in the fact that if you've practiced perfectionism for so long, that's what you have the best skill in. And I haven't practiced enough grace.”

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So many great conversations with a lot of points that really resonated! Will definitely continue to listen and subscribe.

adrienne H-B

Very excited about the guests chosen for these conversations. Can’t wait to dive in every week!


Stacy has real conversations with some pretty incredible people & you need to check out this podcast immediately!


Stacy has a way of bringing out each guest’s vulnerable side. I find myself responding to the convo as if I’m there with them. If there’s an episode with a guest I’m unfamiliar with I usually end up wondering why am I just hearing about this person? Looking forward to more inspiration.

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