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Para Track and Field with Ezra Frech

In this episode we are going to visit the realm of adaptive sports with motivational speaker, disability rights advocate, and one of the most popular young athletes in America right now, Ezra Frech.

Tune in as Ezra gives us a glimpse into the life of a Paralympian, what it was like competing in the Tokyo Paralympic Games during the pandemic, and his mission to normalize disability on a global scale.

So don’t miss this inspirational conversation on chasing those seemingly impossible dreams and how sports can be a vehicle to accomplish even larger goals.


  • What it was like competing at the 2020 Paralympics
  • “Failing” on the world stage
  • Full immersion preparation for high-level competition
  • Are athletes with disabilities just athletes or inspirational heroes, or both?
  • When did Ezra realize he was different?
  • “Go after the crazy dream”


“What is kind of special about the Paralympics is the stories behind the athletes - the hardships that these people have gone through to reach the highest level of sport.” - Ezra Frech ​​

”We don't want to be looked at as inspiring only because we're disabled, but rather be inspiring because we've pushed through, we persevered. We're great athletes, and we're accomplishing great things.” - Ezra Frech


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