Meet Kae Ricketts, the Multifaceted MamaMultifaceted AF

Meet Kae Ricketts, the Multifaceted Mama

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“I am a mother. I am a strategist. I am an entrepreneur. I am a coach. I am a philanthropist. But most importantly, I'm MULTIFACETED.”

Oftentimes, society wants you to check a box. You can do this OR you can do that. We’re told we need to niche down, find a specialty, and focus on it. But your host and embodiment of a Multifaceted Mama, Kae Ricketts is here to get you out of that box!

So tune in for the premiere of the Multifaceted AF podcast and meet your host Kae Ricketts, a true believer in the superpower of succeeding in different spaces each day. Throwing away the one-size-fit-all approach to life, celebrate the Multifaceted life and learn what to expect this season with your Multifaceted guide, Kae Ricketts.


  • What is the inspiration behind The Multifaceted Mama brand?
  • Why did Kae start this podcast?
  • The Multifaceted Manifestations Deck


“Representation has the ability to change lives and save lives. Seeing people that look like us doing the things that we aspire to do really does have the ability to shift the trajectory of our futures.”


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