Love after marriage and kids with Douglas WoodruffDeeply Connected

Love after marriage and kids with Douglas Woodruff

Today’s special guest is Ludmila’s loving partner in life, her husband Douglas Woodruff. In this episode, we take a closer look at the evolution of their relationship as they share the changes they’ve witnessed within themselves and their partner after marriage and kids.

Tune in as they get open and honest about the challenges they faced, share their tips on how to stay connected through difficult times, and reveal the most valuable lessons they’ve learned in their ever-evolving 13 years of marriage. So don’t miss this honest conversation as Ludmila and Douglas reflect on their commitment to growth and harmony while balancing the relationship dynamics with career, children, and everything in between in this episode!


• The shift from woman to mother
• How does Douglas feel in a relationship when Ludmila is not at her best self?
• Challenges parts of marriage having kids
• The importance of space, trust, and faith in the relationship
• Willingness to become emotionally available & vulnerable
• Advice to stay connected and deal with misunderstandings
• How to reignite love after marriage and kids?


“As a woman, when I became a mom I thought, ‘This is the best time of my life.’” - Ludmila Woodruff

“It's important to understand the limits and your partnership. Your partner isn't your therapist.” – Douglas Woodruff

“Sometimes, we need some help to get another perspective on the situation in order to not unintentionally hurt the other person.”  - Douglas Woodruff

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Ludmila has been my coach for over 2 years and has changed the way I receive and accept any and everything from friends and potential partners. She’s helped me heal, grow, and connect deeply with my own needs and stop showing up through a lens that only creates an unnecessary pattern. She’s changed my life and I am so happy y’all are finally getting her on the podcast!!!

Deeply Connected

I’ve had the pleasure of being present in zooms with Ludmila and she has a vast knowledge on how to really dig deep into whatever issue you’re having. This podcast is a great extension to be able to get to know her better and have her share her knowledge. All episodes are a must to listen to! She is an amazing individual!

Deeply Connected

I love Ludmila’s podcast! These episodes are inspiring and continue to guide me after my sessions with her. Thank you for bringing us even more value and inspiration to create the life we truly want.

Deeply Connected

This podcast is for everyone! You will NEVER regret listening and learning more about yourself AND receiving the tools to grow by unlearning old traits and learning, accepting and loving all of you. Ludmila does an amazing job of breaking really large concepts into bite size pieces for anyone to understand and apply. Invest in yourself and listen ♥️.

Deeply Connected
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