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Lifestyle Health Habits and Routines

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Did you know that positive lifestyle health habits can strengthen your immune system, lower stress, anxiety, and depression, help PTSD, and aid in the prevention of cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes, and cancer? But is any of this enough to change patterns of ingrained behavior? Probably not. So how can we start implementing and sustaining healthy lifestyle habits to support optimal living and a purposeful life?

Tune in as Dr. Gayle takes a look at health habits and routines and explains how knowing your personal why makes all the difference. And be sure not to miss Dr. Gayle's guide on how to create a tailored health habit plan to support your wellness and lifestyle goals.


  • What are lifestyle health habits and routines?
  • How do lifestyle health habits make a difference?
  • Why is it so hard to change our health habits?
  • Discovering your true why
  • The keys to achieving your wellness goals


“There's one foundational routine throughout our lives - how we care for ourselves and how we care for our health.”

“Habits are unconscious until we decide to change them. We go into default mode because it's easy. It’s what we’ve always done.”

“Let your why become the foundation for your change, and the motivation for your actions, one step and one day at a time.”


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I found the podcasts very refreshing and well prepared

TM Night
Health Conscious Living Podcast

In a world that I find lacking in spiritual guidance unless you happen to belong to a church of some kind, I found solace and fulfillment listening to Dr. Myer’s Health Conscious Living Podcast. Her soothing voice lends itself extremely well to this type of medium, never rushing her gentle words of wisdom. I listened to her podcast again this morning while drinking coffee and watching the Spring birds returning to Vermont after the long winter. It was so nice to be reminded that we are all just “spiritual beings having a human experience”.

Cynthia Jane Evans
Health Conscious Living Podcast

A wealth of health podcast your wellbeing can’t afford to miss! Dr. Gayle’s inspiring story, wealth of knowledge, and deep passion for helping you on your healing journey, coupled with her soothing and melodious voice makes this a must listen.

Health Conscious Living Podcast

Well worth it. Dr. Gayle Myers offers practical and inspiring insights for our individual healing journeys. A rare podcast where I listen to episodes again. So start or swing back to the beginning as content builds week to week. She has a welcome interview style as she lets her guests speak and her voice is soothing, gentle yet firm. You can heal and be patient!

Toyohiko K
Health Conscious Living Podcast
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