Insecurities - We All Have ThemThat's Wright

Insecurities - We All Have Them

Raised strong Black women, Crystal and Alisa walk in CONFIDENCE. But deep down, like so many of us, they deal with their own set of insecurities. From hair to skin to public speaking, in this episode, your favorite Black girls get vulnerable about their insecurities, how they maneuver them, and why they never let them stop their light!


  • Why are we our own worst self-critic?
  • How our insecurities affect the way we interact with the world
  • What are some of Crystal and Alisa’s insecurities?


“I have this insecurity, but it ain't gonna stop me.”

“A husband I've been married to for a very long time has probably seen me without my eyebrows 10 times. I sleep with them. When I wash my face at night I really put them on because I'm insecure about it.”


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