How unlearning Leads to Reinvention with Felecia HatcherRoad To Reinvention

How unlearning Leads to Reinvention with Felecia Hatcher

“This is what I want at this moment. And this is what I want moving forward.”

In this episode, Sherell is joined by Felecia Hatcher as she reiterates the importance of knowing what you truly want to embark on in life.

Felecia Hatcher, Author of Genius Jam and CEO of Black Ambition Prize, shares the importance of living in the moment, regardless of the stage in life you’re in. Felecia also shares valuable insights on unlearning as a way to reinvent yourself, on how opportunities present themselves to you, and simply answering the question of, “What do I want?” So tune in to this episode and reflect on how you could cultivate your authentic self as you build personal and professional relationships.

And remember: to stay in alignment, you must go through several inventions of yourself and iterations of yourself.


  • “What do I want?” A simple yet hard question.
  • People will let you do things because they think that you can deal with the burden
  • Unlearning helps reinvent our way of thinking
  • How to be intentional in the reinvention process and maintain professional relationships
  • Opportunities will present themselves as you move forward
  • Hold into the armor of fortitude and know when it is time for completion
  • Commitment to work, maintaining passion, having a sense of obligation
  • Create things as much as possible and step into the environment you want


“Asking for help is a strength, it is not a sign of weakness.”- Felecia Hatcher

“We all want to operate in our zone or zone of genius. But we end up becoming generalists and multitaskers, especially as women because things have to get done.” - Felecia Hatcher

“I want to help as many young people in our people as possible, like understand how transformational technology can actually be in our community.” -Felecia Hatcher


Felecia Hatcher

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As we remove the disguises our true desires hide behind and embrace them at face value — there’s a calling for reinvention. Perfect podcast for people who love to continually reimagine themselves to achieve their highest version of self. Rae’Mah🦕

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Road To Reinvention

Sherrelle is an absolute visionary with so much to give. If you’re not subscribed to this podcast, you’re missing out!- Lauren ChanteHost of Rock Your Wellness with Lauren Chante

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