From Purpose to Profit and how to refuse defeatRich In Real Life

From Purpose to Profit and how to refuse defeat

Today’s fireside style chat is with my good friend in business, Megan Galane. We chat all about her experience lining things up to be an occupational therapist and then realizing in the midst of interviews that this avenue wasn’t for her.

Now the business development guru for an IRA company and a digital marketer Megan has found her passion and has had one heck of a journey getting there. We discuss how as an entrepreneur you must be willing to refuse defeat because failure is a necessary obstacle and not the end.

Deep diving into this entrepreneurship journey is tough, scary, and quite lonely. After going on a blind business date with Megan we both realized that this is what every woman needs on this journey. Not only has Megan been instrumental in helping my build systems in my business and allow me to spend less time on the “dollar tasks” but she’s also been there every step of the way cheering me on and helping bring my ideas to life.

Megan and I dig deep about our upcoming event and why it’s important for women to attend because we diving into how to turn that burning desire into profit and if you have a business how to level up and put systems in place so you don’t have to deal with the crazy mistakes Megan or I have. Our Purpose to Profit Mastermind will be held October 20th on beautiful Clearwater Beach and you can find the link for tickets below:

Day Link:

Night Link:

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What a great podcast! Unique perspectives, well thought out viewpoints and a fantastic cast of people. I am a huge fan! 5 Stars!

Rich In Real Life

Do yourself a favor and listen. Periodt. It speaks for itself.

Rich In Real Life

This podcast never disappoints me! I listen to it every time Jessica comes out with a new episode. I’ve learn so much self development with this. Thank you!

Rich In Real Life

The Best podcast ever! So inspiring! Thank you Jessica you rock !

Rich In Real Life
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