Books That Changed My Life: Lessons in Love, Acceptance, & Building a Business Around Your PurposeRich In Real Life

Books That Changed My Life: Lessons in Love, Acceptance, & Building a Business Around Your Purpose

Welcome back to another episode of Rich in Real Life - Today, I’m gonna take you on a profound journey through the books that have been instrumental in my personal and professional growth. These books have been my companions on a transformative path of self-love, inner healing, and deep self-discovery, and in this episode, I’m going to share them all with you.

This episode is going to be a deep exploration of how we can learn to embrace and love even the parts of ourselves we wish we could change, and how these books have provided the wisdom and insights to navigate this intricate journey I’ve been on so far. I’m going to share the books that have been my guides on this path as we dive into themes of self-acceptance, forgiveness, the power of love, and the art of manifestation. These books have been my beacons of light on this remarkable journey, and I hope they inspire and resonate with you as well.


  • My decision to prioritize self-love, self-healing, and inner work in 2021
  • Self-love is about embracing and acknowledging even the less-loved parts of ourselves
  • How these books have served as valuable tools on my healing journey
  • Books that have personally impacted me, their key themes, and lessons.
  • Using books as potential guides on their own journeys of self-discovery and healing


"Self-love for us really is the journey of learning to love the parts of ourselves that we don't love; that we wish we could actually get rid of.” - Jessica Hurley

“The journey of healing is simply the concept of surrender.” - Jessica Hurley

“Everything we do revolves around love.” - Jessica Hurley

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Oh Jess.........what can I say about this girl I feel like I’ve known her for years lol ....she inspires me almost daily, she is a mirror of strength, perseverance, determination, I could go on and on. She is transparent in her podcasts giving us all inspiration and motivation to be the best versions of ourselves. I LOVE listening to her and look forward to her posts and podcasts. Thanks jess for giving so much of yourself!!!!! XO

Rich In Real Life

Jessica’s personal stories inspire and motivate me to push through my stranded phase. She always secures the most interesting guests and does a fantastic job sharing their stories. Look forward to listening every week!

SarahK. ❤️
Rich In Real Life

This podcast has all the tools to help you figure it out. Highly recommend!

Reshad Favors
Rich In Real Life

Turn Up And Listen!

There is so much value on this podcast! Jessica shows up and brings it on every episode. You can literally learn from this podcast and if you ever have the opportunity to go to one of her events you should totally show up because it is the best thing you will ever do for yourself!

Emily Powerlifting
Rich In Real Life
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