From Broke to 8.5 MillionTrue Wealth Conversations

From Broke to 8.5 Million

Thank you for joining me for another episode of True Wealth Conversations! On today’s episode, I am sharing how I went from being broke to making $8.5 million/year. I explain how I went from getting my first internship to completely broke to where I am today.

I explain how I felt this need to help others who didn’t have a lot to invest, how I thought I failed myself when I went broke, and how I picked myself back up (with the help of my family) and paid off my debt and built this  eight figure company that I have today.

I am so thankful that I am able to make such a big impact on so many through my courses and I plan to help even more.

If you are finding yourself in a dark valley and feeling like you can’t see your way out, keep going. Keep following your dreams. It is so worth it.

Connect with me on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok: @dominiquebroadway

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I love this podcast! My husband and I listen together. She shares a lot of good information that is easy to understand and apply to our life.

Mrs. Owolade
True Wealth Conversations

So many gems dropped and feels so relatable and applicable!! I look forward to each episode dropping every week!! As a new full time entrepreneur, I’m focused on how to create wealth but also how to enjoy my present life! This gives me both!

True Wealth Conversations

In General I just love Dominique. From Instagram to her Live classes on trading options and now a podcast! Great person to learn from

True Wealth Conversations
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