Working with Friends, Setting Business Strategies, and Building Your Star Team with Diana OwoladeTrue Wealth Conversations

Working with Friends, Setting Business Strategies, and Building Your Star Team with Diana Owolade

One of the most common pieces of advice we get is: ‘Don't work with your friends. - but how much truth does that statement actually hold?
In this episode of True Wealth Conversations, Dominique is joined by her long-time friend, Diana Owolade who is also a Chief of Staff and Director of Events, to talk about collaborations and relationships in your business & workplace.
Diana shares the transition of how they established their friendship the more they got to work closely with each other. Tune in as they share stories of how they dealt with their business operations like a roller coaster - a nerve-wracking but fun ride of working together!  
Join in on the conversation and uncover the necessary steps and secret ingredients to building your A-team in your business.  


Everything has to be in the strategy
Self-actualization is important – know both your strengths and weaknesses
Teamwork makes the dream work
Keep on dreaming, and have those big goals with you
Proactiveness in a startup business is a pivotal move
As a leader, you have to be strategic in simple conversations and complex interactions
Knowing professional and personal boundaries - as a friend and workmate
Choosing the right person to be part of your team


“A lot of the ideas that I have, or you have, or whoever has — we make them happen.”- Dominique Broadway

“What's the purpose of hiring a team, if you're not gonna listen to this, the customer support manager?” - Diana Owolade


Diana Owolade

IG | @dianaelaine__


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I love this podcast! My husband and I listen together. She shares a lot of good information that is easy to understand and apply to our life.

Mrs. Owolade
True Wealth Conversations

In General I just love Dominique. From Instagram to her Live classes on trading options and now a podcast! Great person to learn from

True Wealth Conversations

So many gems dropped and feels so relatable and applicable!! I look forward to each episode dropping every week!! As a new full time entrepreneur, I’m focused on how to create wealth but also how to enjoy my present life! This gives me both!

True Wealth Conversations
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