Wealth is a FrequencyManifesting Money

Wealth is a Frequency

In this episode, Anita goes one-on-one with you and takes a deep dive into frequencies and how you can tap into their power to attract abundance in your life! From breaking beliefs to elevating your vibrations to taking action, Anita shares some powerful ways for you to tap into the frequency of wealth and abundance! So, grab a pen and paper, and listen in, because if you are ready to receive abundance from the universe, then this episode is a must-listen for you!


  • Tips to push through your fear of manifestation
  • How to deal with positive and negative emotions
  • When things start to fall apart
  • Understanding frequencies and attraction
  • Ways to heal your relationship with money


“Nothing is actually really good or bad, it just is. And the faster that we can accept this and become conscious of it, the better.”


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woke up this morning and decided to start my day off with affirmations/manifestations. i ended up writing a whole page of mainly money manifestations. literally 10 min later i came across the “how to manifest money without working” episode. i had never heard of this podcast prior to listening to the episode but as an aspiring life coach and someone who is always looking for opportunities to expand, im super grateful to have this placed in my path 🙏🏼 the podcast is organized in a very digestible manner, the hosts energy is so enthusiastic and bubbly, and the content was relatable. chefs kisses 😚 🤌🏼

viva marquez
Manifesting Money

I am currently on the 31 days of abundance and this podcast is beautiful!!! Can’t wait for more! ❤️❤️❤️

Manifesting Money

Anita’s energy and teachings are incredible!! So much good information about manifestation. It is more than manifesting money, it is manifesting your dream life. Her guests all bring interesting perspectives. I highly recommend!!

Manifesting Money

I love having access to all this amazing information so I can grow in many areas, especially financially! Thank you Anita! This is great 🥺✨

Manifesting Money
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