Build Long-Term Wealth & Legacy through Real Estate Investing with Kyara GrayTrue Wealth Conversations

Build Long-Term Wealth & Legacy through Real Estate Investing with Kyara Gray

We all know that one of the ways to pivot your way toward your financial freedom can start with real estate investments - but what are some of the strategies we can take to get there faster and with ease?

In this episode of True Wealth Conversations, special guest Kyara Gray, Co-founder of Charm City Buyers, shares with Dominique that there are always opportunities in the real estate market for you, regardless of your life cycle. Kyara also explains that to close the wealth gap, investing in and being a pensioner with real estate are significant ways to build wealth for ourselves and within our communities.

So tune in on this conversation with Dominique and Kyara, and how to attain True Wealth and financial freedom with real estate investments!


  • Understanding your strategy & what you are doing in real estate
  • Real estate is cyclical, and so is money
  • How to think long term by making short term sacrifices
  • The importance of having a vision to execute (and when to create a bigger vision)
  • Ways to control and adapt your mindset
  • Wealth is having the option of choice or opportunity


“Sometimes, you have to make short term sacrifices. So if you're trying to build wealth long term, you probably don't want to be in a market that is top.“ - Kyara Gray

“With the power of real estate, it gave me the flexibility. It gave me extra financial freedom.” - Kyara Gray


Kyara Gray

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In General I just love Dominique. From Instagram to her Live classes on trading options and now a podcast! Great person to learn from

True Wealth Conversations

I love this podcast! My husband and I listen together. She shares a lot of good information that is easy to understand and apply to our life.

Mrs. Owolade
True Wealth Conversations

So many gems dropped and feels so relatable and applicable!! I look forward to each episode dropping every week!! As a new full time entrepreneur, I’m focused on how to create wealth but also how to enjoy my present life! This gives me both!

True Wealth Conversations
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