FRI FEATURE: Dealing with Burnout Like a PRO with Kimberly BrownRich In Real Life

FRI FEATURE: Dealing with Burnout Like a PRO with Kimberly Brown

In this Friday Feature episode, Jessica makes another guest appearance on the Your Next Move Podcast hosted by Kimberly Brown.

It’s part two of Kimberly’s reverse interview with CEO and podcast host Jessica Hurley! Tune in as these two powerhouse entrepreneurs discuss burnout, acknowledging their limits, and the things they do to recharge. Believing in relentless consistency, listen in as Kimberly reveals more about what made her the woman she is today and how she balances her seasons of rest and hustle.


  • What made Kimberly Brown the person she is today?
  • Does Kimberly ever celebrate herself?
  • How does Kimberly maneuver burnout or personal derailment?
  • Where is the balance of compulsion and filling your own cup?
  • Hitting the recharge button and romancing yourself
  • Why it all boils down to courage and impact


“I used to always say, I couldn't create the life, or I couldn't give myself the schedule or the flexibility until I hit this much revenue, or this much this or this much that. But then I kind of sat back and I was like, isn't the point of being an entrepreneur doing what you want to do?”

“You have to know your own limits, but when you're working toward whatever that thing is, yes, you've got to have a little bit of that relentlessness.”


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Best podcast ever !!! Jessica you rock!!!

L Demps
Rich In Real Life

Jessica has great content in her podcast. I’d recommend this to not only women but men as well.

Rich In Real Life

Jessica podcast is one the best ones I heard so far I highly recommend this podcast!!!

charles abd
Rich In Real Life

This is my MUST every Tuesday! Jessica is so honest and motivational. She’s going to question things that will help you understand exactly why your settling or stuck.This is the podcast you need to get out your “stuff” and move on!

HOT sauce SC
Rich In Real Life
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