Founder: I SPARK CHANGE -- Positive Impact Global CommunityHealth Conscious Living Podcast

Founder: I SPARK CHANGE -- Positive Impact Global Community

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Rick Ornelas is an Ultimate Success Coach™, bestselling author, and founder of I Spark Change, empowering others to elevate their social impact, spread positive change, and help influence others to make the world a better place.

But Rick wasn’t always interested in helping others on a global scale…

Tune in as he shares his story of awakening, divine inspiration, and an awe-inspiring spiritual connection when he least expected it. From isolated and hopeless to writing a best-selling book in just a few months, don’t miss this incredible story of finding higher purpose in trauma and how we all can become social impact heroes.


  • What inspired 12 Hours of Heaven and I Spark Change?
  • Rick’s family’s incredible near-death experience
  • Shifting perspectives and finding the best version of himself
  • The calling to do more and find his purpose
  • How to become a social impact hero


“I had been creating that purpose for many years. I just didn't really understand the depth of it and understand how I would live it out on a daily basis.”

“Each day we have a choice to positively or negatively impact the world with just our mentality towards ourselves, how we go about our day, and how we interact with others.”

“Don't believe for one second that you don't make a difference, that you don't matter. All of us do, and we all create impact. We all have the power to change the world.”


I Spark Change Podcast with Rick Ornelas

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The "Health Conscious Living" podcast with Dr. Gayle Myers is a great resource for anyone looking to live a happier, healthier life through gratitude and resilience. Dr. Myers offers practical advice and insights on a holistic approach to health and wellness, emphasizing the importance of mental and emotional practices as well as physical health habits. Her podcast is an excellent resource for personal growth and spirituality.

Andrew Barker
Health Conscious Living Podcast

I am grateful for Dr Gayle Meyers and her holistic approach. She helped me find comfort and balance after experiencing two years of chronic pain and discomfort that traditional medicine could not help me overcome.The podcast series provides real life examples of challenges that all humans encounter. Hugely informative for the healing journey.Thank you Gayle.

SMS Reconnaissant
Health Conscious Living Podcast

Dr. Gayle shares her wealth of wisdom in a healing, inspiring, and accessible way that supports your whole wellness. This podcast is a delightful gift to all listeners!

Gwyneth R Flack
Health Conscious Living Podcast

Well worth it. Dr. Gayle Myers offers practical and inspiring insights for our individual healing journeys. A rare podcast where I listen to episodes again. So start or swing back to the beginning as content builds week to week. She has a welcome interview style as she lets her guests speak and her voice is soothing, gentle yet firm. You can heal and be patient!

Toyohiko K
Health Conscious Living Podcast
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