Finding The Joy In Grief - How To Sit & Heal Through Your Grief with Ludmila Woodruff Deeply Connected

Finding The Joy In Grief - How To Sit & Heal Through Your Grief with Ludmila Woodruff

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Grief is as painful as it is inevitable, and whether it’s losing a job or a loved one, having a miscarriage, or going through a breakup, experiencing grief is undeniably one of the most difficult experiences you will have in your life.

In today’s episode, Ludmila talks about this complex yet common emotion that we all experience at one point or another. Ludmila shares her own painful story of losing her own loved ones and how she navigated the immense grief that came with it, as well as the practices she put in place to provide herself and others with support. You will also learn that there is joy to be found in grief and that in this painful experience comes the opportunity for celebration as well.

So if you are currently going through your own moment of grief, know that you are not alone. Join Ludmila as she navigates this journey with you so that you can not only learn to sit and heal through your grief, but also learn to embrace the joy that comes with it.


  • Grief and its various forms in society
  • How to navigate, process, & heal from grief
  • The importance of foundational support in grieving moments
  • How healing from grief starts from connecting with yourself & others
  • Types of rituals for grief and why they are essential for healing
  • Why grief is a personal process
  • Figuring out the next step and taking time to heal at your own pace
  • Ludmila’s ritual process with somatic breathwork
  • Awareness is key: Have a mindset shift & find ways to create joyful moments


“Rituals help you to really see that there is something organized; that there is a structure to it when it's happening. If you have to work throughout the day, you can really shift your mindset to: ‘This is what I need to be doing right now, this is where I'm present. And I know that I've created space-time for myself to really be with what happens.’”

“Understand that we are human. We are made for connection and ask for what you need. Don't judge yourself for the process. Be open to sitting with grief.”

“Find ways how you can create memories with people and yourself.”

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As a mental health professional, attachment theory is not a new concept for me. Ludmila’s approach to outlining how attachment impacts our view of self and relationships was thoughtfully articulated. Her ability to connect with the listener and share valuable insights demonstrates her strong skillset as a coach and mentor.

Erika Swanson
Deeply Connected

Ludmila just has a natural way of speaking to the soul! I’m always so baffled by how much I resonate with what she talks about. Would definitely recommend!!

Deeply Connected

Ludmila has taught me SOOOOOO much about being a high performing woman! She’s helped me get in tune with my feminine side & learn to trust myself! ❤️🥹 You have to listen!!!!

Deeply Connected

SOO much knowledge shared for free! Thank you for making this available to us. Keep those episodes coming!! 🔥🔥🔥

Deeply Connected
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