Finding Harmony: The Pursuit of Authenticity and BalanceMultifaceted AF

Finding Harmony: The Pursuit of Authenticity and Balance

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In this solo episode, Kae taps into her coaching bag and talks about the art of balance on your journey to creating a Multifaceted life. Drawing from the metaphor of juggling different balls, Kae discusses the importance of authenticity and the challenge of maintaining equilibrium across various roles and areas.

With a personal mission to evolve into her highest self through constant evolution and alignment, Kae shares the significance of leveraging self reflection and introduces us to the ‘wheel of personal perspective’ tool. Kae shares this visual aid with us and talks through how it is used to help evaluate what life’s balance looks like— be it financial, wellness, spiritual, emotional, professional or in your relationships. She also provides helpful insights on reframing the idea of capacity and effort while fostering self-awareness

Tune in for valuable guidance on embracing imperfection, finding grace, and authentically showing up in different spaces with our Multifaceted Coach Kae today!


  • What does balance look like?
  • Be the truest & most authentic version of yourself
  • How to deal with ‘juggling’ priorities and giving yourself grace
  • The importance of self-reflection
  • The wheel of personal perspective
  • Determining the categories and/or areas that matter the most
  • Access the Wheel of Personal Perspective Self-Assessment worksheet here.


“The reality is knowing which balls are more important – which balls you need to pay more attention to, which balls can't be dropped; which balls are okay to kind of let roll to the side, and just giving yourself grace around that.” – Kae Ricketts

“The wheel and the different pieces of the wheel represent different categories in your life. And it allows you to see what kind of that life balance is for you.”  – Kae Ricketts

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