Design Your Success - How Alison Mason went from Classroom to Creative Empire7-Figure Educator

Design Your Success - How Alison Mason went from Classroom to Creative Empire

In this episode, I am joined by Alison Mason, a former educator turned entrepreneur who will be bringing us along her journey from teaching to running her creative design company, Lilacs on York.

As the founder of Lilacs on York, Alison's passion in refining and amplifying stories shine through various mediums such as captivating storytelling, website designing, and crafting strategic marketing assets. In our conversation, Alison shares invaluable insights on starting a business, such as the crucial role of having effective team management for successful business growth. Alison also emphasizes the significance of consistency, simplicity, and the imperative nature of experimentation in brand identity.

Don’t miss this episode and join us in this candid conversation revolving around creativity, education, and entrepreneurship. Tune in!


  • Alison’s journey from being an educator to creative agency entrepreneur
  • On navigating creativity, education, and entrepreneurship
  • The pivotal role of team management in business success
  • On overcoming fear of hiring and branding for business growth
  • The importance of simplicity in visual communication
  • The necessity of experimentation to establish brand identity
  • Understanding the perfect timing on when to rebrand
  • On having self-awareness and aligning your brand identity with the company’s vision
  • The importance of authenticity and long-term strategy for the creative agency
  • On working with a design agency for entrepreneurs and education organizations


“Branding is [a] consistent visual language. As long as you consistently use it, people are going to associate you with it. And then at whatever stage, [if] you want to rethink that branding, you can; and the people who know and trust you are going to adapt to whatever the new branding is.” — Alison Mason

“If you planned something, and it didn't go the way you wanted it to, remind yourself that you are worthy. Be so brave with yourself — self awareness is huge.” — Alison Mason


Alison Mason

LinkedIn | @alisonkmason

Lilacs on York

IG | @lilacsonyork

Dr. Erica Jordan-Thomas

IG | @e_jordanthomas

LinkedIn | @erica-jordan-thomas-ed-l-d-86314764

Facebook | @EJTConsultingLLC

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Love this podcast. Erinn Cottman is my favorite educator and I love hearing her perspective and insight.

7-Figure Educator

Listened to my first episode today, Chalkboards to Checkbooks and loved it! Great information that is so helpful! My career is not in education but the tips in here can be applied to anyone and are fundamental to meeting your goals or in some cases like Erinn’s - recalibrating them to be in line with your worth and what you can really achieve!

7-Figure Educator

Dr Erica is changing the lives of educators everywhere who are still passionate about transforming our young people but struggle living paycheck to paycheck.

She’s helping change the mind and trajectory of those who still love their work! Thank you Dr Erica for this show!

7-Figure Educator

I’m so excited Dr Erica has created this show for educators. Thank you!

Johnicia Miller
7-Figure Educator
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