Chalkboards to Checkbooks: Turn Teaching into a Six-Figure Business with Erinn Cottman | CEO of Erinn Cottman Teacher Development7-Figure Educator

Chalkboards to Checkbooks: Turn Teaching into a Six-Figure Business with Erinn Cottman | CEO of Erinn Cottman Teacher Development

Welcome back 7-Figure Educator! In this episode, I am joined by none other than Erinn Cottmann, the dynamic CEO of Erinn Cottmann Teacher Development, a company that specializes in delivering results for educators, school leaders, and districts by growing their capacity to support teacher development.

Prepare to be inspired as Erinn takes us on a journey from the world of education to the realm of successful entrepreneurship, diving into the transformative power of mindset shifts, the intricacies of launching a business, and the hurdles she overcame along the way.

Erinn's story is nothing short of awe-inspiring and her journey from educator to the helm of a flourishing 6-figure enterprise specializing in professional development and leadership coaching for educators is a testament to the importance of strategic planning, building robust systems, and the support of a thriving community. Erinn's narrative showcases the incredible results that await those who invest in themselves, face their fears, and aim for financial and personal success.

So, are you an educator with dreams of entrepreneurship or simply seeking a hefty dose of inspiration? If your answer is yes, then this episode is a must-listen. Erinn's journey serves as a shining example of what can be accomplished when you blend passion, skill, and the unwavering support of a community to turn your dreams into reality.


  • If you’re feeling undervalued, realize that your worth and knowledge are not determined by your external circumstances
  • Learn to believe in your ability to make money, view money as abundant, and understand the value you provided
  • Control your income and the flexibility that entrepreneurship offers
  • Being a part of a community and a mastermind is crucial, especially for networking, support, and learning from peers


“When you start to feel like a place that you gave a lot to has devalued you, your self-esteem really takes a serious hit.” - Erinn Cottman

"I'm the secret sauce of this thing. You can do everything the same as I do, but you're not me and you're not going to deliver it like me." -Erinn Cottman

“You have got to give people a reason as to why they should be giving you attention. So if they are someone who's experiencing a pain point in your classroom, you're going to sell the solution, which is some type of instructional strategy. Same thing in your business where you're going to sell a solution when you know that folks are experiencing a pain point.” - Dr. Erica Jordan-Thomas

“Our beliefs around the rate in which we think money can move are based on our historical experience. Your perceptions of how you set goals in your business are going to be based on what you knew until you experienced something different and get proximate to something different." - Dr. Erica Jordan-Thomas


Erinn Cottman

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Dr. Erica Jordan-Thomas

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Living a life of ease is my new motto! Loved this candid interview with Erinn Cottman. It’s so important that we share the $ figures and let each other know how we’re doing! Took some invaluable nuggets from this. Thank you!

7-Figure Educator

Wow! This was amazing morning motivation! Great job Erinn!

7-Figure Educator

Great episode talking about not only education but how to take a leap of faith. “Believing how much you can make is a great mindset shift.” -Erinn

Leap like you know the net is there.

Naked w/ Mimosas
7-Figure Educator

I’m so excited Dr Erica has created this show for educators. Thank you!

Johnicia Miller
7-Figure Educator

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