Career Coaching: Fear of Success, Ageism, and Making the Jump to Entrepreneurship with Jackie JaniecYour Next Move

Career Coaching: Fear of Success, Ageism, and Making the Jump to Entrepreneurship with Jackie Janiec

Do you feel like you can do your job with your eyes closed? Are you a “lifer” - remaining at your job for years even though you feel unfulfilled? This is exactly how Jackie Janiec feels as she joins Kimberly in another career coaching segment of Your Next Move.

Tune in as Jackie chats about her career right now, what she actually wants out of a job, and the limiting stories holding her back from making her dream a reality. And be sure to lean in even closer as Kimberly guides her (and maybe even you!) to find what she needs to make her next move.


  • The “stories” holding Jackie back from making her next move
  • Overcoming ageism in the business world
  • “Do you believe that you can be what you create?”
  • Embracing fear and the courage to act in spite of
  • What is the support you need in order to thrive?
  • There is no real “either, or” - identify what YOU want


“I just feel very unfulfilled. It feels mundane. It's like I can do my work with my eyes closed. And while some people may look at my job and say, that seems great, you work with celebrities. It's still unfulfilling, - Jackie Janiec

“The crazy thing about jumping from a nine to five to entrepreneurship is that everyone’s journey is so different. And your risk tolerance level is also different. And it's how can you give yourself and create the plan that's going to make you feel comfortable in jumping. - Kimberly Brown

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Kimberly’s content is billed as being for women and people of color. As a white male, I feel that her content is universally applicable. As a person that benefited from privilege I appreciate having access to this point of view. I feel that being able to get an understanding of these topics from her perspective helps me better approach these topics with my employees.I hope she keeps producing new episodes and publishing books.

manager dwh
Your Next Move

Kimberly is a gem! Going to grab a copy of her book.

Your Next Move

This podcast came right on time! My fiancé attended a conference & met Kimberly. He immediately told me about her book and her story & I was hooked. I really feel like listening to this podcast and reading her book will truly propel me and many into the next career move. Often times I find podcast that speak solely to quitting your job, but what about us that really enjoy what we do and just want to elevate? Kimberly did THAT! & I’m appreciative.This isn’t a podcast that you listen to in the background, GRAB YOUR PEN & PAPER! 🙌🏾

Your Next Move

Loving this podcast. The information Kimberly is sharing is invaluable! A must listen if you feel stuck, “lost”, or misguided in your career life. These are great takeaways that can even be applied outside of your work life to be honest. Looking forward to more.

Your Next Move
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