BUILD YOUR BELIEF with these Manifesting Money TestimoniesManifesting Money

BUILD YOUR BELIEF with these Manifesting Money Testimonies

In this episode, Anita is joined by a VERY special guest (her twin Alecia!) to share testimonies that FLOOD the inboxes day and night! Listening to these testimonies is so important as it helps BUILD the BELIEF that it is POSSIBLE FOR YOU TOO!


  • Manifesting Money Podcast is seeking sponsors that are in alignment with our mission and message!
  • Meet Anita's twin, Alecia
  • POWERFUL testimonies on the manifestations that have transpired since our listeners started working on their money mindset


“Abundance chases us”

"A lot of times people thank me and trust me, I receive all of the thanks you, but I also want to make sure I shine the light back on you because YOU SHOWED UP."

111 Manifest Co. - Zissy Testimony Alecia Aguilar Ceo founder of AWEARNESS Athletics

Breathwork Kimberly Rose - Lady Anita Met in Hot Springs


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I’m a believer of manifestation. But when I came to money I didn’t understand why it just wasn’t happening for me. Then I took Anitas Money manifestations workshop and by the end of the third day I had $1994 in my bank account that only had $5 in it. Yes I cried because I had to pay my car and insurance. I began to listen to Anitas podcast and kept breaking down beliefs I had about money! Being aware of them and changing how I think and talk about money has made a hug change in my life! Thank you Anita! ❤️

Manifesting Money

woke up this morning and decided to start my day off with affirmations/manifestations. i ended up writing a whole page of mainly money manifestations. literally 10 min later i came across the “how to manifest money without working” episode. i had never heard of this podcast prior to listening to the episode but as an aspiring life coach and someone who is always looking for opportunities to expand, im super grateful to have this placed in my path 🙏🏼 the podcast is organized in a very digestible manner, the hosts energy is so enthusiastic and bubbly, and the content was relatable. chefs kisses 😚 🤌🏼

viva marquez
Manifesting Money

Amazing podcast, your giving great value. I want to be just like you when I grow up lol @manifestinpeace

Manifesting Money

Anita’s energy and teachings are incredible!! So much good information about manifestation. It is more than manifesting money, it is manifesting your dream life. Her guests all bring interesting perspectives. I highly recommend!!

Manifesting Money
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