Could the 2024 QB Draft Class be the best of all time?The Sportsclusive Podcast

Could the 2024 QB Draft Class be the best of all time?

In this solo episode, your host Kenneth passionately analyzes the upcoming 2024 prospects, as inspired by the legendary 1983 quarterback draft class. With a detailed breakdown of his three distinct categories of talents, he explores top-tier elites, promising up-and-comers, and quarterbacks who might need time to sit and learn. He also discusses how this class could influence current NFL quarterbacks and what teams might be in the market for fresh talent.

As Kenneth delves into the strengths and weaknesses of each rising star, you'll gain valuable insights into the potential future of the NFL and how the landscape of professional football might change with the arrival of these young quarterbacks. So listen up, die-hard football fans and draft enthusiasts!


- Understanding the history of NFL quarterback drafts

- Comparing 1983 and 2024 draft classes

- Exploring the top two elite prospects: Caleb Williams and Drake Maye

- The quarterbacks who may benefit from taking time to learn NFL

- Predictions on how this draft class will influence current NFL quarterbacks

- Team insights that may be in the market for fresh quarterback talent

- What quarterback skills are available in the 2024 draft class?


"I genuinely believe there's every single type of skill set, any type of quarterback you want, you can find in this draft. So, you're gonna see a lot of GMs and a lot of front offices, a lot of head coaches be like, 'Hey man, I feel like we even if we're okay with the guy we have right now, we may have to do some exploring.'" — Kenneth Tiberius Clark


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