Beyond The Numbers: Tax ReturnFish Food Podcast

Beyond The Numbers: Tax Return

Today Keila brings you the last in her “Beyond the Numbers” series, a deeper look into why numbers themselves aren’t necessarily good or bad. And how the story behind the numbers is what we really need in order to make decisions for our business that not only make the most sense but also build a life and business that we can be proud of.

Taxes seem to be every entrepreneur's favorite topic, from the fear around them to how to do them right to ways they affect our business. So today, Keila goes beyond the flat monetary amount and explores what taxes reveal about your business, what they don't tell you, and how you can use them to make strategic decisions about your future.


  • Why the real tax work is done throughout the year
  • How do taxes work?
  • Preparing your taxes and getting a refund


“You want to make decisions based not just on taxes but at least taking into account that all of the money that you make won't actually belong to you.”


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Great podcast for anyone who wants to learn about how a CPA can add value. Short episodes packed with information. Keep blessing us

Fish Food Podcast

I love that the episodes are concise yet valuable. So many great tips and information shared!

Fish Food Podcast

I love that this is also an archive of helpful information I can come back to when I need it!

Fish Food Podcast

This episode really was what I needed to hear! This was a great episode. I’ve been procrastinating with launching, waiting for everything to be perfect, but I know I need to just start!

Fish Food Podcast
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