Best of RIRL: RelationshipsRich In Real Life

Best of RIRL: Relationships

Welcome back to the Rich In Real Life podcast! Get ready to re-explore the wild and crazy world of relationships with these compilation of episodes. Imagine the sheer joy and gratitude that come from being present—it's like discovering a treasure chest full of happiness! But let's face it, staying present isn't always a walk in the park with life's challenges and societal pressures. I'll be diving into our struggles to remain in the moment and how that affects our relationships. Ever heard of the Divine Feminine era? Yeah, we're heading into that territory! Exploring the evolving energies between masculine and feminine—talk about a universe remix! But hold on tight! I am peeling back layers, exploring relationship complexities, navigating friend conflicts—it's a rollercoaster ride and discussing the superhero move of extending grace and understanding in relationships! And here's the kicker—this isn't your usual chit-chat. We're diving deep into introspection, probing into blame, resolution, and the incredible power of vulnerability in personal connections.

So, get ready for an episode that'll challenge your perspective, bring some laughter, and might even pull at your heartstrings. It's time for some serious real talk about relationships—let's dive in!


  • Find joy in the simple act of being present with your loved ones
  • Impatience and external pressures often hinder your ability to be present
  • Balancing energies is crucial for your relationships and personal growth
  • Prioritize co-creating with a higher power, take responsibility for your choices
  • Directly addressing conflicts fosters lasting bonds
  • Grant friends the same understanding you give yourself, building stronger bonds


"There is so much joy and gratitude to be found in presence." -Jessica Hurley

"Can I lean back and get vulnerable with my ego and let my man be a man and let him feel me as a woman? Powerful." -Dr. Nyree Abdool

"The basic needs in any type of relationship is to be heard, to be understood, to be loved, to be accepted as I am and be able to be expressed fully as I am, just as I am without the need to change and be different." -Ludmila Woodruff

"Why don't we give the same grace and stretch for our friends? We have to normalize conflict and friendship." Danielle Bayard Jackson

"There's something there's a psychological concept known as fundamental attribution theory, and it's a big fancy word for we give ourselves grace, but we don't give others grace." -Danielle Bayard Jackson


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I found her through the GirlCEO podcast w/ Ronne Brown and immediately subscribed. Her format, topics, and episode length make it perfect for the boost you need through out the day. I connect with her because she speaks to the producers of the world full of artists. Every piece of art needs a producer, curator, or facilitator to get a message out. There are stories we carry that just need an outlet. She does that in her business and through her podcast. So glad I found this because it gives me the motivation to go after the life I want to live. A life of purpose and meaning.

Rich In Real Life

These have been some really good episodes so far. Wow I feel inspired to go out there and be great. Thank you for this podcast.

Rich In Real Life

So grateful to God that Jess used the gift that God gave her and chose to share it with the world! Every episode is so impactful, for anyone with a dream, anyone who struggles with hesitation or procrastination about everyday issues. Medicine for the ears, for the soul☺️♥️. It gives me hope!!! Thank you Jess for not hiding your light. Thank you for being AUTHENTIC and showing us that real people with relatable issues still exist!!! This podcast makes me feel like i can overcome and have victory in every area of my life!!!!

Rich In Real Life

The title alone is what got me! Jessica is very much honest and isn’t afraid to tell it like it is, And her guest speakers are truly an inspiration. Her podcast goes to show that self motivation is key to making it in life but also it influences the people around you.

Princess Luton
Rich In Real Life
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