Rewrite Your Dating Patterns as a High-Achieving Woman with Ludmila WoodruffRich In Real Life

Rewrite Your Dating Patterns as a High-Achieving Woman with Ludmila Woodruff

Tired of pointing fingers and ready to embrace the love you desire? Ladies, I understand the frustration all too well , and it's time to shift the narrative in your dating story. Enter Ludmila Woodruff - your guide to navigating the world of dating and relationships as a high-achieving woman. As a sought-after love & relationship coach, and Ludmila’s mission is crystal clear: She's here to support high achieving women (yes, like you) in navigating the intricate waters of dating and relationships.

What I love about Ludmila's approach is that she is like a blend of having your best friend's honest advice, a wise mentor's insights, and a compassionate coach's gentle push – all rolled into one! Whether you're struggling to find the right partner, dealing with dating burnout, or looking to strengthen your existing relationships, Ludmila is your go-to guru.

Flirtation, openness, and vulnerability – remember these lost arts? In this episode Ludmila and I discuss how hyper-independence has reshaped our approach to connection and explores the path to rediscovering these vital elements. We also talk about why we find ourselves dating the same kind of man, why successful women unintentionally push love away, and ways to reconnect with our sensuality and playfulness as women.

If you're a high achieving woman craving love and connection on your terms, Ludmila Woodruff has your back. Join us as we talk about how to renegotiate the terms of your relationships, rewrite your patterns, and step into a realm of authentic love and profound connections.


  • A dating coach’s insights on how successful women on navigating marriage, love, and dating challenges
  • Relationship expectations: How to understand & manage what we anticipate from our partners
  • How can we be feminine in dating so that men are more attracted to us?
  • Changing gender dynamics and embracing vulnerability in our relationships
  • Signs that you’re missing a deeper connection within yourself
  • Embracing our playfulness, creativity, and sensuality as women
  • The pursuit of true, meaningful, and lasting pleasure


“We as women, we are such brilliant, beautiful, magnificent, inspirational beings, not only to men and to the world, but to ourselves. And the more you can connect to that power within yourself, the better your life becomes.” - Ludmila Woodruff

"Your autopilot has so much to do with how you perceive. If your lens is love you receive love. If your lens is chaos, you receive chaos.” - Jessica Hurley

“When did being flirtatious become a problem? When did being playful become a problem? This is part of being a woman.” - Ludmila Woodruff

“You are the person that you are looking for you are.” - Jessica Hurley


Ludmila Woodruff

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Tune in to the Deeply Connected podcast with Ludmila Woodruff!

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Listening to this episode made me view a lot of things different. As humans we sometime need the motivation form others or just this inspiring words. Or sometimes we just need to hear someone else story. Listening to both Jessica and Chris story gave me the motivation I needed to get back in my grind and do what I feel so patiently about. I would suggest if you have listened to her podcast that you start doing so! Keep up the good work girl! 😘😘

Shanae G.
Rich In Real Life

I want to say your podcast is SO AMAZING. Today’s episode (1/10/2020) is so me because I’m so scared to fail that I’m not doing anything in my business because Im paralyze on the HOW. I really wish I could attend your event but I’ll be out of town. Hopefully there will be another event this year. Just want to say thank you.

Lisa Tampa
Rich In Real Life

This podcast gets me through my work days!!! I found her by listening to an interview on another podcast and have been hooked ever since. Jessica is real and speaks transparently about real topics while giving EFFECTIVE advise!Keep it up!

LaDonna Shawnell
Rich In Real Life

Jessica is awesome and I love all the knowledge, kindness, love, and grace she brings. I love her guests and their hearts to help others. I’m so inspired by her and grateful for this podcast and for her help in getting mine started. She’s absolutely amazing!

Rich In Real Life
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