Alex Elle on Self-Doubt, Honoring Boundaries, and Letting Things Be Goodhuman2human

Alex Elle on Self-Doubt, Honoring Boundaries, and Letting Things Be Good

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Are you constantly waiting for the shoe to drop? Waiting for things to go wrong? Living in a space of doubt and anxiety - pulling you away from the present, relationships, and abundance? But what might happen if we start waiting for things to go right?

In this episode, NYT best-selling author, certified breathwork coach, and Restorative writing teacher Alex Elle wants us to start letting things be good. Sharing her own journey of self-discovery, Alex joins Stacy to talk living intentionally, showing up flawed, and honoring your boundaries.

So while healing might not get easier, it can get softer with self-compassion and Alex Elle’s daily practices to reclaim your peace.


  • Working through self-doubt and finding your why
  • What does self-compassion look like in the midst of deadlines?
  • Boundaries, sacrifice, and compromise
  • How to develop trust in your own voice
  • Perfectionism versus discipline
  • The difference between transactional and reciprocal relationships
  • Stop waiting for the shoe to drop!
  • Why Alex does not believe in balance


“We don't have to dishonor our boundaries for the sake of wanting to make other people comfortable.” - Alex Elle

“Perfectionism will leave you raggedy, will leave you run down, and will leave you thinking you're still not good enough even when you did your best. Discipline is staying committed and connected to the highest truth of yourself.” - Alex Elle

“Shoes are going to drop, but we can't be sit standing there waiting for it to drop.” - Alex Elle


Alex Elle

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Hands down one of the best podcast I listen to! Love the conversations and genuine spirit of the host!


Love hearing conversations with Stacy. It’s like I’m in the room with her and her every guest. Community. Curiosity. Connection.


Such great insight. I love conversations like this. Great heart opener. ❤️✨


A great podcast that facilitates vulnerable conversations. Topics are real and so relatable! Love the guest Stacy has on the show. Definitely a must listen!

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