Why Control is the Enemy of 7-Figure Success (And How to Release It!)7-Figure Educator

Why Control is the Enemy of 7-Figure Success (And How to Release It!)

Welcome to another episode of the 7-Figure Educator podcast, where I tackle a profound topic that many of my clients seem to struggle with: the art of relinquishing control. By drawing from my own rich experiences as a former educator, I will take you along the journey towards managing a 7-figure business and confront the common misconception that micromanaging every facet of your enterprise is the path to triumph.

I'm a firm believer in letting go of that need for absolute control, which is an important step in the journey to growing a business to 7 figures. In this episode, you’ll get to the root of your need for control so that you can fully understand it and ultimately release it.

Ready to know the power that comes from giving up control? Join me on this thought-provoking episode as I share invaluable strategies for embracing the freedom of relinquishing control and unlocking unprecedented success in the realm of educational consulting.


  • Growth requires letting go of control
  • How trying to control everything can lead to burnout and frustration
  • Your need for control can reflect a lack of trust, not just in your team but in yourself
  • Success benefits not only you but also your clients, community, and stakeholders


"It is important for our new team members to know who I am, my leadership style, such that they are aware of that when they're joining our team." - Dr. Erica Jordan-Thomas

"Reflect around what are the areas in which you actually have not built trust within yourself yet. And by doing that work, it's going to position you to be able to reflect the level of trust to your team that you are actually modeling within yourself." - Dr. Erica Jordan-Thomas


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I’m so excited Dr Erica has created this show for educators. Thank you!

Johnicia Miller
7-Figure Educator

Wow! This was amazing morning motivation! Great job Erinn!

7-Figure Educator

Living a life of ease is my new motto! Loved this candid interview with Erinn Cottman. It’s so important that we share the $ figures and let each other know how we’re doing! Took some invaluable nuggets from this. Thank you!

7-Figure Educator

Each episode is curated with such attention and detail. So much valuable information and insight shared. I look forward to each new episode. This podcast is an excellent starting point to learn more about how to start, grow, and scale your ed consulting biz! Listening (and watching on YouTube) has been time well spent!

7-Figure Educator
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