What’s Your Next Best Move?The YUMMY Podcast

What’s Your Next Best Move?

Welcome to another episode of YUMMY Podcast! Join Crystal Khalil and Dr. Nicole LaBeach as they explore the art of navigating your "next best move" in both professional and personal realms. As they unravel their compelling narratives of investing in executive coaching and courageously stepping beyond comfort zones to propel their careers forward, a resounding theme echoes throughout: It’s time to liberate yourself from confining mindsets and shatter the constraints imposed by others!

The pursuit of your "next best move" demands courage, vulnerability, and a relentless thirst for knowledge. Beyond the professional sphere, the duo advocates for proactive relationship enhancement, emphasizing active listening devoid of judgment, personal accountability, and the humility to seek diverse perspectives rather than relying solely on selective advice. Crystal beautifully encapsulates this conversation by urging you to approach life not as a game of "checkers" but as a strategic chess match, skillfully maneuvering through life's challenges en route to manifesting one's dreams.


-Distinguish between vision and goal

-To make the next best move, cultivate a liberated mindset

-Define your personal brand authentically

-Fear is a sign to keep going, not a reason to stop

-Be vulnerable and open to asking for help

-Embrace discomfort as a sign of growth

-Approach your life and career like chess, prioritizing strategic thinking

-Acknowledge your strengths, affirm worth, and enjoy a liberated, fulfilling life


"So an investment in me always has a multiplied return back into my life." -Crystal Khalil

"The kryptonite to fear is to move." -Dr. Nicole LaBeach

"Next best move is to learn how to connect with others. That's what's going to unlock some yummy for you that you don't even recognize." -Dr. Nicole LaBeach

" It takes you being able to push past the fear, but you also need to be vulnerable. and that's a challenge." -Crystal Khalil

"You can't get to the next level if you don't allow people to connect with you." -Dr. Nicole LaBeach

"And what I learned was leaders build the leaders. Leaders have influence, they use their influence and they build other leaders." -Crystal Khalil


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