What is a Game Manager? The Role of Game Managers as Strategic Minds Behind the ScenesThe Sportsclusive Podcast

What is a Game Manager? The Role of Game Managers as Strategic Minds Behind the Scenes

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In this episode, Kenneth delves into the multifaceted world of game managers in football. He unveils the pros and cons of having a game manager, including their ability to make the right play to win the game, but also the potential negative impact on their statistical performance.

Kenneth stresses the crucial role game managers play in football from minimizing mistakes and exhibiting high football acumen. He then connects their significance to notable figures like Peyton Manning, emphasizing their coaching impact. Kenneth also discusses how game managers struggle with spontaneous plays and rely on a strong team for success.

Find out more as Kenneth challenges conventional wisdom and offers a nuanced perspective on the intricate dynamics of game managers in the NFL in this episode. Tune in!


  • What are the pros and cons of game managers?
  • The pivotal role of a game manager in a quarterback
  • The impact of game managers in bridging teams
  • How a game manager's lack of ability can worsen the situation
  • What are the benefits of having a game manager?
  • Examples of game managers as great mentors


“Game Managers are quietly the best mentors you can have in the game.” — Kenneth “Tiberius” Clark

“Having a game manager at quarterback can be difficult because you need to surround it with a lot..” — Kenneth “Tiberius” Clark


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