Ways to Secure and Prepare for Corporate Clients with Liz & Cheryl Women Consulting Corporate

Ways to Secure and Prepare for Corporate Clients with Liz & Cheryl

In today's episode, Liz and Cheryl reveal the behind the scenes of what they look for to discern if a woman is ready for their 12% Accelerator program - the fastest and most effective path to building a foundation for revenue growth with corporate clients, designed specifically for female entrepreneurs who are done with being the "only" in the room.

Listen in is as Liz and Cheryl answer common questions about what they are looking for in applicants, how they discern if someone's ready to secure 6-figure corporate contracts, and the steps they take once someone's inside of the accelerator to help them be better positioned and ready to secure those deals.


  • Who is the 12% Accelerator program designed for?
  • Are you able to articulate your expertise?
  • The importance of a LinkedIn profile
  • Prep, growth mindset, and being aware of your narrative
  • Assigning and assessing your time
  • How does the program prepare women once they’re in the door?


“There is a specific woman that we're looking for, someone that knows that there's something more. Maybe you're potentially a solopreneur, you may even have a team, but you know that you're working super hard and the money that you're making is not equating to the investment of time and energy that you're putting into it.”

“What's unique about our program is we're teaching you how to leverage your intellectual capital, those intangibles that sometimes are very hard to put a price on, to serve corporate clients with a service.”


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I have been following Liz’s journey for the past couple of years and was so excited for her to launch her podcast. Liz does not hold back at all! Each episode is packed with so much encouragement and gems to take your business to the next level. I look forward to each episode!

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