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WAKE UP!!!!!

In this episode, Kristel takes the mic to discuss the shutdown of our major social media platforms, its impacts, and her reflections on the event. Whether it’s stressing out about the unnecessary or ignoring the warning signs, this key event has shaken many of us and prompted some important questions that we have been needing to answer. So, join Kristel in this moment of reflection, and ask yourself, what is it that you need to wake up to and start focusing on instead?


  • Taking a moment of reflection
  • Learning to see the warning signs
  • What we need to wake up to  
  • Changing what you’re focusing on
  • The importance of plugging into source
  • Analyzing your payoffs and your prices


“Something is happening. Things are shifting, times are changing, the world as we know it is changing, the systems that we depend upon are showing themselves to not be dependable.”

“Wake up, most of what you're stressing about doesn't matter.”

“Wake up to all the things but most importantly wake up to your source, to your Creator. And don't skip out on spending time with God and getting to know what God wants you to see in this time.”


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