Thriving Through Life's Storms with Ashley Walden Davis from Unlock CreativeWomen Consulting Corporate

Thriving Through Life's Storms with Ashley Walden Davis from Unlock Creative

We often talk about women securing and landing 6-figure corporate contracts, but the truth is, when you lead a business, life is still happening in the background. You may be navigating the loss of relationships or loved ones, transitions, divorce, bereavement, becoming caretakers for your parents…the list goes on! So in this episode, Liz invites the founder and executive director of Unlock Creative, Ashley Walden Davis, for a candid conversation about how we can still thrive in the midst of life’s storms.

From shedding identities and relationships to the emotional cycle of navigating transitions, tune in as Ashely shares how she built her business amid grieving the loss of her best friend, biggest client, business partner, and husband. And her best practices for getting you through the storm.


  • The birth of Unlock Creative Enterprises
  • How Ashley built her business in underlying grief
  • Shedding identities and relationships as you evolve
  • The importance of nutritious relationships
  • Honor the work and honor the human
  • What happened when Ashley released her “gorilla client”
  • Wellness kits and practices to get through hard seasons


“This program has saved my life, my sanity, and not lose myself and not lose my business. So it's what I wanted, but it's so much more. I didn't just get a coach. I got a whole community of coaches and a community of women who are trying to build thriving businesses." - Ashley Walden Davis

“The grape is becoming wine and crushed and stomped on. But to become wine, you're not thinking about how to go back and be a grape.”- Ashley Walden Davis


Ashley Walden Davis

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I have been following Liz’s journey for the past couple of years and was so excited for her to launch her podcast. Liz does not hold back at all! Each episode is packed with so much encouragement and gems to take your business to the next level. I look forward to each episode!

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