This Is Not A Test: Educational Equity with Jose VilsonGuilty Privilege

This Is Not A Test: Educational Equity with Jose Vilson

Welcome back to Guilty Privilege! In this episode, Amber interviews educator, author, speaker, and long-time friend, Jose Vilson, who is about to bring a wealth of experience in education and social justice to today’s conversation.

As a doctoral student at Columbia University and the executive director of the nonprofit organization EduColor, Jose shares with us the importance of multilingualism in classrooms and its impact on students' connection to their teachers through both language and culture. Amber also takes this chance to dive into all the innovative ways Jose has creatively incorporated math into students' daily lives, demonstrating its relevance and applicability beyond the classroom.

This discussion also extends to educational privilege and equity, with Jose and Amber shedding light on the disparities in resources and opportunities that persist across different communities and backgrounds. Amber and Jose talk more about EduColor's mission which focuses on advocacy for educational equity and justice, as well as the intersection of justice and love, challenging common perceptions around anger and assertiveness in these conversations. Jose and Amber also dive into some stand-out insights from his book "This Is Not a Test," a compelling read that encourages teachers and parents to embrace their roles in education and advocacy.

Throughout the episode, Jose's passion for empowering educators and students shines, offering a refreshing perspective on education and social change. Tune in to learn more about the pursuit of equity in education with Jose Vilson and Amber Cabral today.


  • The importance of multilingualism in education & classrooms
  • How Jose infuses math into everyday life for his students
  • Jose on educational privilege in the US
  • Edu Color’s mission and the roles we play in advocating for equity in education
  • The meaning and pursuit of Justice in Education
  • Jose’s book, "This Is Not a Test," and other upcoming projects
  • The one privilege Jose does not feel guilty about


“But really what became critical for me was that when I went into the classroom, students knew immediately that I was able to connect with them to their language, but not just through their language, but also their culture." - Jose Vilson

“I never assume that students didn't know. I’d rather activate things that they already had within them.” - Jose Vilson

“Justice is often an act of love, it is often fighting for room to be able to love.” - Amber Cabral


Jose Vilson


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Amber Cabral

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Amber has a genuine ability to bring out the authentic aspects of topics that many of us must want to sit down and have a conversation about! Refreshing, compelling and yes, entertaining — can’t wait for each episode to drop and I even feel more equipped to expand on these topics in my own circle!

Guilty Privilege

Great listen/watch. People really underrate how important emotional intelligence is in business. Hopefully more people will listen and utilize some of the information shared.
Guilty Privilege

Just finished the first episode (whispers: via YouTube) and I was NOT ready for the conversation to end. So I came on over to the apple podcast streets to subscribe and listen again on my commute to work. While this is not the work I’m exclusively dedicated to, I want to increase awareness around equity so I can be more intentional in my practice personally and professionally. This conversation is an absolute resource that I have the PRIVILEGE (time) to tap into and I look forward to digging into new episodes every week.

Guilty Privilege

Wow! I couldn’t get enough of this. Wished it were longer. The conversation is real, authentic and can absolutely be life changing if you soak the info in. Just finished listening to the episode with Tieko Nejon on emotional intelligence and Amber asked the best questions. Tieko answered so thoughtfully and broke it allll the way down for us. Kudos to both of you. I am sharing this podcast with so many people.

Guilty Privilege

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