The Shake Up from A Break Up with Mike Smith Part 2The Hilarious Hypnotist

The Shake Up from A Break Up with Mike Smith Part 2

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In this episode, we welcome back Mike, a long-time friend of the Hilarious Hypnotist and fellow stand-up comedian.

Listen in to the conclusion of this two-part series as Mike sits down with the Hilarious Hypnotist feeling lost and frankly devastated after recently parting with his long-time love.

Can Traci help Mike get off the emotional rollercoaster he is now on? Tune in and watch Mike transform, see his former relationship (and terminal illness) in a whole new light, and start living the life he wants rather than the life pre-chosen for him!


  • Pulling Mike’s ex from his heart
  • Using memes to clean up emotional baggage
  • Gratitude and finding peace in different paths
  • What is the “float the moat” technique?
  • Connecting past to present and letting it all go


“If you take this part out, you don't have to throw it away. You can put it on a shelf. You can turn it into a keepsake that you always remember her by in the lessons that she taught you, and how she did make you a better person.”

“When I let it go, I literally feel that rush right through me. And that's an amazing feeling.”


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