The Secret to Happy Employees: How to Build an Equitable Company7-Figure Educator

The Secret to Happy Employees: How to Build an Equitable Company

In this episode of the 7-Figure Educator podcast, I'm diving deep into a topic that can reshape how you think about company culture – equity. So, buckle up and join me as I challenge those old-school ideas and encourage CEOs to put their teams' well-being front and center.

From creating an environment where employees don’t ask for permission for time off to managing an entirely remote team, I’m going to share my secret sauce to creating an equitable workplace. I'll also spill the beans on handling mistakes and why transparency in salary discussions during hiring is a game-changer for fairness and equity.

As always, I'm all ears and excited to hear your thoughts and feedback on this eye-opening episode. So, grab your headphones and tune in to the 7-Figure Educator podcast, and let's keep this conversation rolling on how to make company culture more equitable.


  • An equitable company culture is more than about diversity and inclusion
  • If you're a CEO, you should deeply care about your team and build systems to reduce mistakes and recognize we're all human.
  • How to manage expectations with a fully remote team
  • Sharing financial data with your team fosters a sense of ownership and shows the impact of their work
  • Prioritize your people, promote autonomy, and be transparent to create a healthy company culture


“Think about how powerful it is when you have someone on your team that's leading an initiative.”  - Dr. Erica Jordan-Thomas

"Part of your role as a CEO is to build the systems and processes in place that actually reduce the frequency in which mistakes happen." - Dr. Erica Jordan-Thomas


Dr. Erica Jordan-Thomas

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Wow! This was amazing morning motivation! Great job Erinn!

7-Figure Educator

Each episode is curated with such attention and detail. So much valuable information and insight shared. I look forward to each new episode. This podcast is an excellent starting point to learn more about how to start, grow, and scale your ed consulting biz! Listening (and watching on YouTube) has been time well spent!

7-Figure Educator

Erinn’s story was so inspiring! Talk about purpose and preparation and timing and knowing your worth! What a treat to listen to her journey, the community, and the support. Made my day!

7-Figure Educator

Love this podcast. Erinn Cottman is my favorite educator and I love hearing her perspective and insight.

7-Figure Educator
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