Spin, Flip, Repeat: Breaking Down the Art of B-Boying with Nico Castro AguilarThe Sportsclusive Podcast

Spin, Flip, Repeat: Breaking Down the Art of B-Boying with Nico Castro Aguilar

In today's episode, your host Kenneth is joined by Nico Castro Aguilar, a Filipino American break dancer and entrepreneur. Nico shares his unique perspective with Kenneth as he delves into the intersection of his upbringing, hip-hop culture experiences, and the art of breakdancing.

Discover how expressive dance can become a coping mechanism and a form of self-expression as the conversation unfolds. Nico and Kevin discuss how breakdancing has evolved, the different dance competitions, and why having a variety of life experiences is important for keeping breakdancing original, among others.

Tune in as they navigate the world of breakdancing and the multifaceted life of Nico today!


  • Nico’s upbringing and hip-hop culture experiences
  • How breakdancing serves as a coping mechanism and self-expression
  • The evolution of break dance and different types of competitions
  • The importance of diversifying one's life experiences to maintain breaking’s originality
  • How Nico’s entrepreneurship journey has influenced his approach to breaking
  • Nico’s heritage-driven motivation during his Olympic competition
  • The significance of embracing spontaneity and living in the moment


“Everyone kind of has the same framework in terms of how the movement actually works. But it's up to you to show your most original interpretation of it that's still somewhat cohesive.” — Nico Castro Aguilar

"I have Filipino experience; I have an American experience that I can contribute to. How I build upon that's motivating all these different maneuvers. So, I do really think it's important to go outside of breaking to improve the originality of breaking." — Nico Castro Aguilar


Nico Castro Aguilar

IG - @nicospins | https://www.instagram.com/nicospins


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