Showing My Scars: My Journey to Uncomplicating Weight Loss & Life with Jessica Hurley | Part 2Uncomplicating Weight Loss & Life

Showing My Scars: My Journey to Uncomplicating Weight Loss & Life with Jessica Hurley | Part 2

Welcome to the Rich in Real Life takeover of the Uncomplicating Weight Loss & Life podcast! In part two of their conversation, Jessica Hurley flips the script as she gets your host Eva Rodriguez to get transparent, vulnerable, and bare all about her journey in weight loss, grief, and finding the power in her voice.


  • What inspired Uncomplicating Weight Loss & Life?
  • How her mother’s death brought Eva to health and wellness
  • Fostering your mind body spirit connection
  • “I've been through hell. But it was to get me here.”
  • Why you need to clean up your environment
  • What happened when Eva started loving herself first


“What I started to learn throughout my journey is that sometimes when things are too hard and we're trying to force something to happen, it's because that's not what God wants for us.”

“I can see clearly. All of the flaws just go away once you get to that place, but it took me all of these years, and all of these obstacles to be so confident in myself. Because I know that I will never go back to being that insecure girl who needs a man to tell her she's beautiful.”


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