Reprogramming Your Subconscious Mind with Manifestation Coach Jon HillsteadManifesting Money

Reprogramming Your Subconscious Mind with Manifestation Coach Jon Hillstead

Meet Jon Hillstead - a time technique pressure practitioner, hypnotherapist, life and success coach, and TikTok star. In this episode, Anita sits down with this jack-of-all-manifestation-trades to discuss how to shift our mindset and reprogram our subconscious.

Tune in as Jon shares his journey and awakening moment. From suicidal intentions to ayahuasca to tips for making the shift, be sure not to miss this exciting conversation on finding your purpose and living your most authentic and abundant life!


  • How did Jon discover manifestation?
  • Ayahuasca - the experience and the takeaway
  • Overcoming the fear of the unknown
  • Why gratitude is essential
  • Stepping into your gifts
  • Jon’s daily wellness routine
  • What is hypnosis?


“I went from this place of being the victim, to finally realizing, wait a second, I have the power, the freedom, and the ability to shift my focus and manifest from nothing.”

“Teaching people to just trust and surrender, and let go, and realize you're fully supported. You're guided. You're not alone. Like you are literally never alone. You have guides. You got angels. You got the universe. You have so much support out there.”


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Grateful to have found this podcast as I'm convinced that the job I was in and hated was eliminated so I could find what's right for me and learn how to make money in a fulfilling waywhere I'm serving others using my greatest strengths!

Manifesting Money

I just love Anita’s vibe and energy. She has changed my life in so many ways. Highly recommend.

Manifesting Money

I was inspired by the law of attraction around 10 years ago. I feel strongly that I manifested my daughter, jobs, homes & money by practicing what I’ve learned. That said, I have Never done any tests to see if it worked or if it was all coincidence. Until a few months ago, when I was becoming unsettled in my job @ bringing that disconcerted unhappiness home. Long story, but I decided to manifest a pink car. I just wanted to see it, not own it. It took around 2 months. I had forgotten about it, had a really emotional day at work (the kind where you sneak out crying). On my drive home, I saw it. The exact shade of pink I had described and pictured. I felt a calm come over me.

I then decided to manifest a $100 bill. Not a check or an item worth that much, but the actual bill. Just a side note that I see one of those once every 2 years (besides on TV or online) so this seemed like another solid test.

Again, after meditating and doing the things I was taught in the secret, in addition to listening to this podcast to keep my energy vibrating high, my grandfather’s wife came to Colorado to visit myself & my sister & cousin. She brought with her a card for me. I opened it after we met for dinner and there was a crisp $100 bill. I told my daughter about what i was doing and we decided I’d increase the test to include manifesting $5,000 in check form. I did the work for a couple weeks and then let it go a little, lightly coming back to it here or there when I felt more or less connected to a higher power (for example, when I took a solo hike here in CO).

I’m writing this review because I was in a car accident on the 4th of July. I had been in a very grateful state all weekend because we were camping, but that accident threw me off. We weren’t seriously hurt, but my car is going to need some work. I did get a stiff neck & the whole thing was a bit inconvenient. I haven’t had a car for a week, but I’m so grateful my dog & daughter aren’t hurt. The entire payout for pain & suffering was $4200. I thought about what I’ve learned and struggled with asking for more because I wasn’t trying to be greedy or commit insurance fraud by saying things are worse than they are. But I decided to be honest and simply ask. They agreed to give me another $1k. My check will be for $5200. Next manifestation test is $15K.

I’ll follow up once I’ve manifested, but my point is that this works and it’s not about the money. It’s about the habits, attitude and freedom. I want to add so much more, but this is so long! Thank you Anita! I did the work but your guests/podcast have really inspired me. I’m still shocked, but I swear on the life of my family that this is all 100% true! It’s crazy, amazing & beautiful. What a gift. Ahhhh! So grateful. 🙏🧡🤯👏💵

Manifesting Money

This episode resonated most, especially the part about family not really supporting your perspective/way of being. Your content has enlightened and expanded me in more ways than one. Sending you my highest intentions 💫

Manifesting Money
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