Redefining Work Through Safety, Humanity, and Grace with Chasity Griffin & LaTrice Lyle | EJT Education Group Team7-Figure Educator

Redefining Work Through Safety, Humanity, and Grace with Chasity Griffin & LaTrice Lyle | EJT Education Group Team

In this episode, I am joined by my squad, Chasity Griffin, our operations coordinator wizard, and Latrice Lyle, our client success coach - I am so excited to share this conversation because they're about to give you a glimpse into the heart of our company's culture, EJT Education Group.

Join Chasity, Latrice, and me as we give you a taste of what it's like to work in a place where you're not just encouraged to be yourself – you're celebrated for it. They'll dish out stories about the incredible support system and camaraderie that make their workplace a true gem. Here at EJT, it's not about fitting in; it's about making each team member feel truly seen, heard, and empowered.

But we're not stopping there. We're diving deep into the nuts and bolts of building a strong and nurturing company culture. We'll discuss trust, open communication, and putting humanity center stage. Plus, we'll explore the power of tackling personal issues and embracing mindset shifts – because these little things can make a big difference in how leaders create a thriving workplace. This episode is a heartfelt tribute to the beautiful culture this team has crafted and how it's the secret sauce behind our collective success and well-being.


  • Build genuine connections between team members
  • Let your team bring their authentic selves to work, creating a sense of safety and camaraderie within the team
  • Build a company culture through intentionality and purpose, rather than rules and bureaucracy
  • As a CEO you should aim to trust your team and delegate tasks without needing to oversee every step
  • Building a strong, safe company culture requires internal work
  • Prioritize humanity within your team
  • Consider your team as your first target client
  • Recognize and appreciate the contributions of your team in building the company's success


"Building a company culture is more about internal work that you have to do with your soul than it is about the people that you bring in." -Latrice Lyle

"If someone's having a day like this person's not doing their job or they're experiencing something, let me show up as a human and check in on them as a friend." -Latrice Lyle

"There are moments of feedback where there may be a conflict, I feel like it always again comes from a humanity place." -Chasity Griffin

"My unspoken mission is to build a company that proves that you don't have to sacrifice your humanity in order to make revenue." -Dr. Erica Jordan-Thomas


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Listened to my first episode today, Chalkboards to Checkbooks and loved it! Great information that is so helpful! My career is not in education but the tips in here can be applied to anyone and are fundamental to meeting your goals or in some cases like Erinn’s - recalibrating them to be in line with your worth and what you can really achieve!

7-Figure Educator

Living a life of ease is my new motto! Loved this candid interview with Erinn Cottman. It’s so important that we share the $ figures and let each other know how we’re doing! Took some invaluable nuggets from this. Thank you!

7-Figure Educator

Great episode talking about not only education but how to take a leap of faith. “Believing how much you can make is a great mindset shift.” -Erinn

Leap like you know the net is there.

Naked w/ Mimosas
7-Figure Educator

Dr Erica is changing the lives of educators everywhere who are still passionate about transforming our young people but struggle living paycheck to paycheck.

She’s helping change the mind and trajectory of those who still love their work! Thank you Dr Erica for this show!

7-Figure Educator
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