Preparing Your Exit Plan with Gamal CodnerTrue Wealth Conversations

Preparing Your Exit Plan with Gamal Codner

Welcome back to another episode of True Wealth Conversations! We are live today at Black Equity Con having a special limited edition going on and I’m excited to share today’s guest with you, Gamal Codner. Gamal is an amazing friend, entrepreneur, husband, and dad and now CEO. He shares a little about his story and how he got started helping entrepreneurs get acquired and to prepare their exit strategies for their businesses.

He shares more information with us today about what you should be thinking about as far as exiting as you are growing your business, the process of exiting, and preparing your business. This was a great conversation with Gamal so be sure to tune in to hear the value that he brings.

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So many gems dropped and feels so relatable and applicable!! I look forward to each episode dropping every week!! As a new full time entrepreneur, I’m focused on how to create wealth but also how to enjoy my present life! This gives me both!

True Wealth Conversations

In General I just love Dominique. From Instagram to her Live classes on trading options and now a podcast! Great person to learn from

True Wealth Conversations

I love this podcast! My husband and I listen together. She shares a lot of good information that is easy to understand and apply to our life.

Mrs. Owolade
True Wealth Conversations
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