One Decision Away From the Life You Desire with Megan Galane | Part 2Rich In Real Life

One Decision Away From the Life You Desire with Megan Galane | Part 2

What is the secret recipe to Jess and Megan Galane’s friendship? What is it about this power duo’s dynamic that makes it all work so well?! Do they ever even disagree?!

It’s part two of Jess and Megan’s open and honest dialogue about their path to entrepreneurship and friendship. Tune in as they speak about the challenges of starting a business, the unique empowerment and healing journey experienced at their Innovative Income Summit, and the role of grace and communication in their successful partnership.

Don’t miss the finale of this conversation on healing, making that big leap, and finding the Megan to your Jess.


  • The creation of SOS Advantage
  • Megan’s mission and passion
  • Clarity builds confidence
  • Have you found your zone of genius?
  • What is the Innovative Income Summit?
  • The keys to a successful relationship


“When you put your head down and you know that there's a bigger purpose and a bigger reason, you'll get through it. You'll get through whatever that is.”

“I think that the openness, the vulnerability, and then just having clear boundaries, even with your friends, and explaining to them that this is how I feel. This is where I'm at in life.”


Megan Galane

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Whew! I can’t say enough about how blessed I am to have found this podcast and this WOMAN last year. It was LITERALLY the catapult into success, self empowerment, self awareness, and self belief that I needed. She covers the real stuff, the relevant stuff, she digs deep, she makes you dig deep and she spares NOTHING. She lays it all on the table and really wakes you up and forces you to look deep within and learn how to live your life unapologetically! Listening to, meeting, and now working with her has lit a fire in me I never knew I had and has introduced me to a world of like minded women, professionals, and empowerment! This community has become my lifeline and it is ALL thanks to this Angel of a woman. If you don’t know, now you know! ❤️

Rich In Real Life

This podcast never disappoints me! I listen to it every time Jessica comes out with a new episode. I’ve learn so much self development with this. Thank you!

Rich In Real Life

Amazing content! Absolutely motivational and relatable on so many levels!

Rich In Real Life

Best podcast ever !!! Jessica you rock!!!

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Rich In Real Life
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